FAQ Ingredients Freyacare: The Natural Symphony

What are the super ingredients that make up Freyacare's melody?

Our score is simple but refined: we use only seven natural ingredients . Each plays a key note in the harmony of your oral health. Among our stars: xylitol, diatomaceous earth. xanthan gum, magnesium carbonate, sage oil, peppermint oil and pure water. For more information please see our blog.

Isn't xylitol a sugar? How can it protect my teeth?

Ah, xylitol! Unlike his sugar cousins, he has chosen the protector camp. It is a true knight, fighting harmful bacteria and preserving your tooth enamel like a faithful guardian.

What are the benefits of sage oil in your toothpaste?

Sage oil is a virtuoso for oral health! Known for its purifying and anti-inflammatory properties, it plays a key role in protecting your gums. It is also a key support for freshening breath and providing a long-lasting feeling of cleanliness. With Freyacare, say goodbye to unwanted soloists and welcome a choir of benefits!

Is there a strong mint flavor in your toothpaste?

The mint in our Freyacare toothpaste is like a gentle zephyr on a spring hill, fresh enough to purify your breath without dominating the orchestra of flavors. It is subtle and delicate, leaving you free to embrace the flavors of your morning coffee or lunch without the cacophonous interference of overly intense mints found in industrial toothpastes. With Freyacare, your palate remains the maestro of your taste experience.

Do your products contain fluoride?

No, at Freyacare we have decided to leave fluoride on the periodic table. We prefer the magic of natural with ingredients that respect and strengthen your teeth without the intervention of this controversial.

Are toothpaste tubes really made from sugar cane?

Absolutely ! Our tubes pull out all the stops when it comes to ecology. They are made from sugar cane, which allows them to meet the ecological note while being perfectly recyclable. A real dance step towards a greener future.

Is your formula suitable for all mouths?

Of course ! Our toothpaste is like a love song dedicated to all mouths: gentle for children, reassuring for pregnant women, and a trusted partner for everyone. With Freyacare, every smile counts.

How do you guarantee the quality of your ingredients? Our ingredients are carefully selected by a team of formulation maestros. We work hand-in-hand with hand-picked suppliers to ensure that every ingredient is of the highest quality and ethically sourced.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask us. We are always there to maintain dialogue and support you in your quest for the perfect smile.